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Laser for retina and vitreous: all you need to know in 2023


Subthreshold laser: a new hope for macular degeneration?

Dr Lihteh Wu presents why Subthreshold laser can be consider as a new hope for macular degeneration.
Dr Fong EURETINA 2022

Best practices in subthreshold laser treatment, which laser should be used and how?

Dr Kenneth Fong presents best practices in subthreshold laser treatment to easily understand which laser should be used and how.
Dr Filloy EURTINA 2022

Central Serous Chorioretinopathy: effectiveness and safety without verteporfin?

During 2022 EURETINA congress, Dr Alejandro Filloy explains how to treat CSC safely and effectively without verteporfin.
Victor Chong EURETINA 2022

Retinal laser treatments in Covid 19 era: from PDR to DME

During 2022 EURETINA symposium, Dr Victor Chong presents the use of retinal laser treatments in COVID 19 era, from PDR to DME.

SubLiminal Laser Therapy: Concept and reasons

Dr Kenneth FONG presents SubLiminal Laser Therapy for macula diseases through the concepts and reasons, during APAO 2021

Macular Laser photocoagulation: Still relevant in 2021?

During the EURETINA symposium, Dr Victor Chong explains his ideas on Macular Laser Photocoagulation wondering if it is still relevant in 2021.

Anti-VEGF vs Laser for PDR, a changing treatment paradigm?

Dr Lihteh Wu talks about the controversies in laser treatment in 2021 during the EURETINA symposium.
Do We Still Need Subthreshold Laser for Macular Diseases?

Do We Still Need Subthreshold Laser for Macular Diseases?

On the occasion of the launch of the new society SOLS (Subthreshold Ophthalmic Laser Society), Dr. Kenneth Fong, Dr. Victor Chong, Dr. Lihteh Wu, Dr Jay Chhablani & Dr. Alejandro Filloy Rius discussed the use of Subthreshold Laser for Macular Diseases.
What is the role of Easyret subthreshold laser in macular diseases?

What is the role of Easyret subthreshold laser in macular diseases?

Dr Kenneth Fong reviews the role of Easyret® subthreshold laser for DME and CSR treatment. In this webinar (in English), he concludes that yellow subthreshold laser has more beneficial effect in visual acuity than half dose PDT.


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