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Subthreshold laser therapy guidelines for retinal diseases

Subthreshold laser therapy guidelines for retinal diseases

Subthreshold laser therapy has been utilised in clinical practice for more than three decades, and numerous randomised and real-life studies has proven its efficacy and safety in various retinal diseases. However, despite decades of usage, we still do not have a standard protocol for subthreshold laser applications and settings.
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Subthreshold laser: a new hope for macular degeneration?

Dr Lihteh Wu presents why Subthreshold laser can be consider as a new hope for macular degeneration.
Dr Fong EURETINA 2022
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Best practices in subthreshold laser treatment, which laser should be used and how?

Dr Kenneth Fong presents best practices in subthreshold laser treatment to easily understand which laser should be used and how.
Dr Filloy EURTINA 2022
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Central Serous Chorioretinopathy: effectiveness and safety without verteporfin?

During 2022 EURETINA congress, Dr Alejandro Filloy explains how to treat CSC safely and effectively without verteporfin.
Victor Chong EURETINA 2022
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Retinal laser treatments in Covid 19 era: from PDR to DME

During 2022 EURETINA symposium, Dr Victor Chong presents the use of retinal laser treatments in COVID 19 era, from PDR to DME.

Central Serous Chorioretinopathy: Can it be treated without Visudyne?

Given the difficulty of obtaining verteporfin for chronic CSCR, it is worth considering subthreshold laser therapy as an alternative given its comparable efficacy and practical advantages. We know that the prognosis for this disease depends on the level of disease progression, so a therapeutic option that allows for an undelayed treatment is extremely interesting.