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How to treat retina today?

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For a quarter of a century, laser photocoagulation has been considered a safe and effective treatment option for macular pathologies. Over the years, the development and introduction of new and innovative macular laser technologies has confirmed that, alongside intravitreal injections, photocoagulation laser therapy still plays a valuable role in the surgeons’ treatment armamentarium.

Today, ophthalmologists can offer their patients enhanced retinal treatment options, with greater safety and efficacy than ever before.

*Image courtesy of Alejandro Filloy Rius, MD, Ph.D. – Tarragona, Spain

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Subliminal laser therapy:

Unlike conventional thermal laser, Subliminal laser therapy is a non-damaging treatment mode based on a train of microsecond pulses.

It involves a series of repetitive laser pulses with intervals (cooling times) and produces a therapeutic treatment effect without inducing scarring or RPE damage on clinical examination during or after treatment.

Its use is dedicated to the treatment of macular diseases.

There remains an unmet need in the treatment of macular diseases. Increasing evidence demonstrates SubLiminal laser therapy to be safe and effective for macular conditions such as DME and CSC.

Several studies demonstrate that retinal destruction was required to control the neovascularization process in PDR. For peripheral conditions Multispot laser photocoagulation should be favored.

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Laser for retina and vitreous: all you need to know in 2023


Lasers for Retina

When to use laser therapy, treatment guidelines, and why it matters.
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SubLiminal Laser Therapy for CSCR

A new front-line treatment
Laser to Drusen in AMD

Laser to Drusen in AMD

Laser photocoagulation can improve vision by promoting resorption of the drusen.
PIE SOLS symposium 2022 12 min

Experts Layout Guidelines for Subthreshold Laser Treatment

Many countries are unable to afford continuous unending intravitreal injections for macular diseases,” said Dr. Kenneth Fong. Building the case for the use of subthreshold laser (STL) treatment and its application for retinal diseases, Dr. Fong and two other vitreoretinal doctors presented at a symposium on behalf of The Subthreshold Ophthalmic Laser Society (SOLS) at the recently held CAKE & PIE Expo 2.0 in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Lasers for Retina

When to use laser therapy, treatment guidelines, and why it matters.
subli article

SubLiminal Laser Therapy for CSCR

A new front-line treatment


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